Who we are

Hi, we are Drew and Donna Keenan.  We are based in the west of Scotland approximately 8 miles from Glasgow.  After Drew was made redundant in late 2008 and spending nearly 2 years searching for employment, we both decided that it was time we did something for ourselves and Handy Woodcrafts was born in late 2010.

Cutting a blank from wind felled beech.

Drew himself has a background in woodworking and woodturning.  He worked in his late teens and early 20’s as a bench joiner in Birmingham building sheds, children’s playhouses and latterly making pine beds and freestanding pine bedroom furniture.  He even spent a little time helping out a french polisher at weekends learning all about finishing furniture and wooden objects.  Now 42 and having spent nearly 20 years as a salesperson he is returning to his passion of working with timber and in the process has helped Donna learn the skills of woodturning.
Donna has now been turning wood for a little over a year and her skills show for themselves in the many pieces you will see listed.  Each turned piece will be listed telling you who made it, what its made from (if we know) a small bio about the type of wood and its uses.
Donna has taken a lot of interest in some American woodturners and has spent endless hours watching them teach their lessons on DVD’s and YouTube.  We both work in our shed in the garden where we produce our items. In some ways have turned our house into an extension of the workshops, much to the dismay of the kids and the dog.

Walnut Goblet and Lidded Box

Drew especially enjoys making items for the home and garden from chopping boards to bird tables, But has recenly turned his skills to making storage and display solutions for other crafters and hopes to develop this into a way to help others source local well made quality items.

2 Responses to Who we are

  1. Hi Drew,

    I saw your feedback on a craft forum. Are you still making white wood folding shelves for displaying products at craft fairs?

    I would be very interested in more information if you are… dimensions, price, photos…

    Best regards,

    • Hi Roslyn, Yes I still make collapsible stepped shelves. If you use facebook you can find us here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.552668918110901.1073741833.152238558153941&type=3 this link will take you directly to the album which gives all the details of sizes and has different pictures of them in use.
      I have one small problem just now and that is painting, as I work from a workshop in my back garden I can only paint them when I have good weather and untill I can afford premises I rely on painting outdoors. So what I do is offer to build them and if people want they can paint them themselves. I hope this helps.


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