Product Spotlight: Portable Beading Tray

Yesterday we went to the Edinburgh bead fair as an exhibitor but we were not selling beads, wire, findings or anything that most people would expect to find at a bead fair. We make items to help craftspeople display their finished goods and make things easier when making them.

Table full of displays

So Today I am going to focus on a new concept that our friends at Silver Thistle Beads talked to us about and we developed the idea and took it along with us to the bead fair to show to people who may have a use for it.

The portable beading project box!

Portable beading project box.

Ok so have any of you who do intricate beading work  ever put your project to one side only to return to it and find that your kids, or pets have knocked it flying? I bet you have and I can only imagine how you felt and what you wished you could shout out.

These project boxes were designed with this in mind the concept behind them was to incorporate a solid box that had to be able to close over the top of your project keeping loose beads and your project in one place without spilling or rattling about when closed.

I think we have nailed it with this concept. This particular box was made to hold a half beading mat top and bottom and small enough to work while sitting in your favourite chair, on holiday or even while outside enjoying the weather (not that we get a lot of that here in the UK). The beading mats can be removed for easy cleaning and there is upholstery foam under the mat which means you to close the box and your project will be kept securely in place while you carry it about with you. I use Neodymium magnets to keep the boxes closed but these can be replaced by a catch if anyone has a pacemaker or any other health conditions that magnets may cause problems with. The great thing about me making these is that I can make them to any size required up to the size of a beading mat which is approximately 14 inches by 12 inches. I would also be interested in speaking to bead & finding sellers who have own branded bead mats that may be interested in stocking these with their own mats inside.

Well is this something that you have been looking for but didn’t know where to get them? can you actually see the benefits one or more of these could do for you? If so please feel free to contact us about ordering one or more of these.

I will highlight more of our product over the coming days and weeks that I think will help crafters not only make their items but display them at their best.


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4 Responses to Product Spotlight: Portable Beading Tray

  1. In the infamous words of the X factors Louis Walsh . . ” I like it ! ” 🙂

    Great post and a great product as well 🙂 You really have nailed this one in terms of functionality and a good looking piece of handy work 🙂

    Cheers for the mention too – Craig

  2. Reblogged this on I Really Heart Cupcakes and commented:
    For any crafters amongst the followers here – this is a cracking project and blog post about handy storage solutions that are unique and very versatile 🙂

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