Project Greenhouse day1


The old log wall

After ripping out the old wood store that I put here last year I was left with this old wall where I am going to put a 6′ by 4′ lean too timber greenhouse. I decided that due to kids throwing stones and the occasional golf ball landing in the garden that I would use plastic sheeting like the kind you get on a pollytunnel, it’s easily replaced if it does get damaged.

So to start with I had to get rid of the old logs which actually ended up being part of the wall to the shed.

Blue tarp exposed.

So here it is all taken down, The sterling board was removed aswell and more tarp attached at the bottom to stop water penetration onto the new boards I will be putting up.  The fence panel to the left will also be getting replaced as its been up for 14 years and the gales in january tore it down.

It's a bit patchy!

So yes it looks a little patched up but in all honesty I have used boards from pallets (nearly new ones) but still reclaimed from Yooz a charity reclamation yard, I also got my polythene from them to line the greenhouse with.

Ok well that’s todays work done, over the weekend I hope to get the main frame in place ready for painting pop back to see how this project takes shape.


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