Bike Store

As promised and keeping well and truly to the recycle remit I built this bike store over the past couple of days from scrap timber and offcuts from recycled (and recycled again) decking boards.

Bike store

Decking board & Scrap

The Decking was offcuts I picked up from a friend who bought some second-hand boards to do their garden. It was originally painted red cedar so the green has covered it pretty well.

It's just a little over 6'wide

The center support is actually the offcut from the “new” door I put onto the workshop.

Corrigated plastic roof.

The 2 sheets of corrugated plastic were actually the original roof of my shed but after a hard winter the plastic just didn’t have the desired effect so these have been sitting for 2 years just waiting to get reused, I hate to throw anything away especially when I bought them in the first place. I think that also counts as recycling.

I have a confession though I didn’t take any measurements when building this and on Monday my son told me he didn’t think their bikes would fit. I told him don’t be daft.. ahh the irony because dad was the dafty. I will have to remove it and add one more board at the bottom as the bikes are just a tad bigger than I realised. I humbly apologised to him when he got back from School on Tuesday. I think secretly he was amused going by the big smirk on his face.

Shed door

New door for the workshop.

So anyway This is the new door I put onto the workshop on Monday. Donna saw it advertised for free on Gumtree, I was really glad to get this as the door I made last year had warped over the winter as it was only scrap pine offcuts from the pews from an earlier project. This is a solid hardwood exterior door that would have probably gone to landfill or the council recycle depot. Donna has plans to paint it black to match in with the fascia boards and window. Just to the left of the door where the logs are is where the new lean too green house will be living.

Last but not least….

Strawberry bed.

Roll on this years stawberries!

Being as the plastic lightweight greenhouse was blown apart during the gales earlier this year all I was left with was a few bent poles and some connectors. Every year I have had issues with birds eating the berries so this year I came up with a cunning plan and reused the old poles that weren’t bent and twisted to make a frame.

I plan to save up and replace the fence panels at some point this year as these have now been up about 14 years and they took a pounding from the high winds. Having shopped about I found a decent deal at B&Q warehouse (I have a trade card so it may only be available for trade sales) 6’x6′ panels £20 each or if you buy more than 5 £15 each. remember if you are in west-central Scotland and are needing a handyman especially for fencing, shed re-felting, grass cutting & general gardening work please get in touch. You can find details of how to get in touch on the contact us tab at the top of the page.

Well that’s that for today. I hope you enjoyed and maybe I have inspired you to reuse and recycle as the end results really don’t look all that bad. I am more than willing to use recycled materials (you just have to supply them) on any jobs to help save someone a few bob.


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2 Responses to Bike Store

  1. Good to see the new shed door in place 🙂 All it needs now is a letter box and 20a on the door and register it with the post office as the official HQ of Handy Enterprises ! Think I might steal your idea for the netting for our strawberries this year . . I hate being second best to the birds getting to mine first !

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