As I opened the back door this morning two massive crows took off out of the garden, nothing unusual about that really. That is until my neighbour over the back asked me if I was missing some small white metal fencing. I was a little confused to say the least as I have wooden fences. Anyway she explained to me as I opened the door this morning she was cleaning her bedroom windows and saw the crow fly off with one it’s beak and it suddenly dawned on me what she was on about.

In the raised bed I placed  these little hoops along the edge to deter the dog from jumping up onto the flowers.  The beds look a little drab just now but we have some seeds ready in a mini greenhouse germinating. Anyway I diverse.

Well  the little buggers haven’t just taken one they have taken every single one apart from the two that are left right down the length of this bed and along the bottom. If I were to guess how many are missing I would say about 15 of them have gone. I had such a laugh at the thought of them pinching them to line their nest. If I am honest I hadn’t even noticed that they were missing as I have been busy doing other things and haven’t got round to dealing with this bed yet.

Has anyone else had run ins with thieving crows or magpies? I would love to hear what else they are capable of.


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4 Responses to Thief…

  1. I think your neighbor likes to blame birds for her own cleptomania. 😀

  2. I cant see these Magpies being local to Coatbridge ! Their nest would stand out a mile and they might get bullied for being the “Kardashians” in the neighborhood! – am sure they probably took them straight to the magpie equivalent of “Cash my Gold” and cashed them in for a few days worth of worms ! 🙂

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