Money doesn’t grow on trees?

Does anyone remember being told this by your parents or saying it yourself to your own kids? I do.

Well let’s look at the facts. It is true it doesn’t actually grow on trees. So where am I going with this? Read on and see what I have to say.

Now this is where I have been getting miffed over the past year and I have actually heard this first hand. “It’s only wood it grows everywhere”. Well yes it does, there is no hiding that fact, but at the end of the day there is cost involved in buying timber, so money does grow on trees when it comes to buying wood. Even recycled timber comes with a cost and although it is deemed to be cheaper than buying new wood this is not always the case. I guess what I’m trying to say is although wood is all around us do not assume that it is not costing the manufacturer a princely sum to buy it. Even green wood has a cost, it can take upwards of 6 months for small manufactures like myself to season this timber.

So now ask yourself, Does money grow on trees?

I would say definitely, yes it does.

Please remember this when trying to barter our prices down that when hand making items it’s not just the time and effort we put in but the actual cost of the raw materials as well.


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3 Responses to Money doesn’t grow on trees?

  1. Sew Braw says:

    There are also other costs involved:

    abrasives: yes sandpaper can be cheap, but we use better than sandpaper for a better, smoother finish.
    various finishes: very little of what we produce is left with no finishing product at the end. We use specialist finishes that aren’t widely available.
    screws, nails, electricity, wear and tear on tools and machinery etc etc – it all adds up!

  2. It definitely all adds up, even the time to tidy up after the piles of sawdust have been made costs time 🙂 One short term solution could be to get the kids a giant wheel and power the lathe or hook it up to the lamp post outside ! 🙂

    Hope your sale is going well 🙂

  3. Yes well the sale is selling some items 🙂 and that is good. But why do I have to put items on sale to sell them I am actually selling them at a loss just to get a cash flow going.

    I’m sure the kids would protest and none of my neibours has an outside leccy supply 😉 lol.


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