Morning all you Monday fans…………

……………and so it all begins again. Another week gone eeek!

Just incase you forgot it’s Valentines day
I’m sending this big huge Kiss to my wife. We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last Thursday and poor Donna wasn’t well and still isn’t. She gave the blog a makeover, made a smart new banner for the facebook page this week and also updated the Folksy shop banner, What a wee star she is. Hope you get better soon sweetie so we can have that meal.
So it’s handmade Monday week 3 over at Wendy’s 1stuniquegifts blog and yet again I’m joining in so go along and see what the other wonderfull crafters from the crafts forum have been doing this week.
If I am absolutly honest I haven’t really done much this week except Make a few more ribbon racks and Bow jigs but being as I have already blogged about them I am not going to bore you again lol.
It’s taking shape
Sides, tops and bottoms
Ok well I lied but thats all I’m going to show you of them. Our living room currently looks like an extension of the workshop with completed racks sitting about waiting on varnish drying.


It does what it says on the tin


Wizzard isn’t it?




Well because we haven’t been very busy this week I thought I would just showcase some things we have made in the past and are still sitting in a box to either go to a craft fair or to be uploaded onto folksy or our web site when we get it sorted.


Wood your keys not prefer these?
Feeling fruity?


 By any chance did any of you notice that Facebook have changed how things are done this week I did and I was not a happy chappie. Well after much banging of my head on the keyboard and stomping around like a bear with a really sore head Donna sat me down and said “right Mr Grumpy this is how it is” and she talked me through it all and now I am fully complient with the new facebook setup….”coughs” and if you believe that then I just won the lottery and am off to the Bahamas lol. Honestly though its not as bad as I first imagined.
View from My sons bedroom.
Yesterday after a really bad bit of rain The wee man shouts out “DADDDDD.. you’ve got to come and see this” I was half expecting him to show me something on the PS3 but nope I was presented with a full arc rainbow out his window and he told me you have got to get a picture of it as its the best rainbow he has ever seen, so I did  and now you know aswell.
Anyway thats all folks tune in again soon for more fun and games.
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15 Responses to Morning all you Monday fans…………

  1. Donna says:

    Oops I forgot it was Valentine's Day >.< Shows how out of it I have been! Big hugs and kisses back and thanks for looking after me this week xxx**apologies for the mushy stuff everyone lol**

  2. Good you have joined us Drew and love to see your creations, I am sure the wand will whizz off the shelves.15 years mere babies but Happy Valentines to you both, have a great week.

  3. Wendy says:

    Aww. . . the mushy stuff is sweet! Happy Valentine's to you both! xLove your ribbon racks & would've been happy to see more – and that rainbow is an amazing pic!Thanks for joining in on Handmade Monday!

  4. Kat Shenton says:

    Ohhhh nice wand. I agree, I think that will fly off the shelf (no horrendous pun intended by the way).

  5. That was the first wand I made, It's "MAGIC" isnt it (rolls eyes).Donna made the pear and the card holder and the keyrings are a combined effort.Thanks for dropping by to read this weeks blurb.Drew

  6. The pear is amazing, I bet is is really tactile. Hope the weather is nice and sunny in the Bahamas. Loving the rainbow pic, just occasionally somethings are more interesting than video games.

  7. Sue says:

    Wow you do some fantastic work. Regards Sue

  8. cj says:

    Hope Donna feels better soon. Lovely work and a great rainbow pic too!!

  9. Super rainbow! OK, you can tell photography is my first love. 🙂 I love the wooden stuff, it's one thing I have never tried, but I am so impressed with your beautiful work. And I so agree about the new FB look. It seems they always make upgrades that make things work. On the other hand, I "liked" your new page, so now I can check you out more often! 🙂 I only wish I could get my to let me comment on blogger blogs so I don't have to use my google self which doesn't show my blog.

  10. GiftsByJenny says:

    Hi again 🙂 I love the wand too – my kids would be so jealous if I had one! The rainbow is fantastic too, and the pear… in fact all your things look amazing! Look forward to seeing more next time.

  11. dreamstar says:

    Hope Donnna feels much better soon.The photo is brilliant. You dont often get rainbows come out that well on camera.Echoing everyone else i think the wand is fab, especially for little boys in these days of Harry Potter.Well done

  12. melissaceramics says:

    I am going to have to copy what everyone else has said! Love the wand! 🙂

  13. Loving the b,log re-vamp ! 🙂 Did you get a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ? Hope you are both well to have that meal soon 🙂

  14. New target audience for wands is not children under the age of 13 it's now WOMEN of any age lol.Thakns for the well wishes for Donna she is on the mend but kleenex have made a fortune from here the past week.If I get the chance I am going to make a new style of ribbon storage this week and bore the pants of you all next week.

  15. Lol you cant beat a good wand. its really nice. and i also love the pear. That rainbow is so clear aswell. I have a pic from my work a year or so ago of a double rainbow.. its not as clear as that though. great blog.. and I notimated you for the stylish blog award too 🙂

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