New: Concept Ribbon Rack.

Well lets just see I will try and start our blog and see how it goes.
Recently I have been toying with some ideas about making craft displays and storage solutions for crafters. So today I got off my backside and went and made a Prototype. I’m not the sort of person that sits about and draws a design first, what I do is make it then take notes on how I can adapt it and jot down measurements etc.
This is the basic principle but after looking at it I have decided that the top and bottom look too heavy and will incorporate the routered top and bottom into the main carcase. This will also reduce the overall weight for postage.
The basis of this design will be adaptable and I should be able to make different variations of this either wider, taller and deeper for uses like storing paper etc.

Well I think that will do for a start, I tried to post some other pictures but it wouldn’t let me.


Ahh I added another pic 🙂
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4 Responses to New: Concept Ribbon Rack.

  1. Well done 🙂 Thats a great working prototype you have there, I think you are right on the top and the base though, they are not really needed or even just a decorative routed moulding on it would make it have the appearance of a base and top without added wood ot to much time :-), also for me being a hoarder of ribbon and things on reels I think you could comfortably get 4 rails on there by setting 1st and third near the front and 2nd and 4th nearer the back, there might be scope for a wall mounted verssion as well – or even the back of a door, my current solution is a poundland cork notice board with hooks and string and the reels threaded on the string and is wall mounted out the way of the kids, the youngest has a habbit of making nice piles of ribon on the floor and seeing how many knots he can make in under three minutes . . is there such a thing as a child friendly version ?

  2. I dont know about child proofing but yes i could definitly make a light weight wall mounted one. This one is really quite heavy as the timber is 1" thick and nearly 6" wide. If you imagin the old wall mounted kitchen roll dispensers but have 3 or 4 rods for the ribbon.It would probably consist of sides and back only with the rods running between the sides.

  3. As I said on Facebook I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Donna has claimed this one as her own and she is in the process of varnishing it.

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