Fantastic Blog for people who spin wool or want to learn and we got a mention aswell, thanks ūüôā

Frayed at the Edges


This beautiful drop spindle was made by Donna of Handy Woodcrafts and it’s all mine!

As I’ve become more interested in knitting I’ve also become intrigued by how yarn is made and (being me) I wanted to try to make some. Luckily for me I knew Drew & Donna the couple behind Handy Woodcrafts and they were expanding their business to include pieces for other makers.

When I first got the fleece I had fun with my long suffering cat!


However with the help of a lesson in drop spinning from Ashley at Make It Glasgow I soon started to spin. The trick I believe is not to think about it too much but to try to keep an even spin going.

The drop spindle has been used for centuries by most cultures to and there are different styles of spindle…maybe something for me to explore at a later date.

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Product Spotlight: Portable Beading Tray

Yesterday we went to the Edinburgh bead fair as an exhibitor but we were not selling beads, wire, findings or anything that most people would expect to find at a bead fair. We make items to help craftspeople display their finished goods and make things easier when making them.

Table full of displays

So Today I am going to focus on a new concept that our friends at Silver Thistle Beads talked to us about and we developed the idea and took it along with us to the bead fair to show to people who may have a use for it.

The portable beading project box!

Portable beading project box.

Ok so have any of you who do intricate beading work  ever put your project to one side only to return to it and find that your kids, or pets have knocked it flying? I bet you have and I can only imagine how you felt and what you wished you could shout out.

These project boxes were designed with this in mind the concept behind them was to incorporate a solid box that had to be able to close over the top of your project keeping loose beads and your project in one place without spilling or rattling about when closed.

I think we have nailed it with this concept. This particular box was made to hold a half beading mat top and bottom and small enough to work while sitting in your favourite chair, on holiday or even while outside enjoying the weather (not that we get a lot of that here in the UK). The beading mats can be removed for easy cleaning and there is upholstery foam under the mat which means you to close the box and your project will be kept securely in place while you carry it about with you. I use Neodymium magnets to keep the boxes closed but these can be replaced by a catch if anyone has a pacemaker or any other health conditions that magnets may cause problems with. The great thing about me making these is that I can make them to any size required up to the size of a beading mat which is approximately 14 inches by 12 inches. I would also be interested in speaking to bead & finding sellers who have own branded bead mats that may be interested in stocking these with their own mats inside.

Well is this something that you have been looking for but didn’t know where to get them? can you actually see the benefits one or more of these could do for you? If so please feel free to contact¬†us about ordering one or more of these.

I will highlight more of our product over the coming days and weeks that I think will help crafters not only make their items but display them at their best.


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Work In progress.

Hi Everyone,

Recently we let our web page expire it was It was hosted by Mr Site but they still have not taken the page down although we cannot access the admin panel to delete the content. Due to the nature of what I do and trying to keep costs down during these difficult times. I have now started to use this blog as a way to contact us and keep people updated on what we will be doing. This Blog is very much work in progress and I will be looking at ways to either add a shopping cart or redirecting people to an e-commerce site where current items will be available for sale.

I will also be offering a local handyman service in West Central Scotland, so if you are in need of fence repairs, shed re-felting, raised beds, flat pack furniture construction¬†etc please feel free to get in touch with me. Why don’t you have a look through past blog posts to see just what I can do for you.

Thanks for your continued support and we hope you will keep in touch with us while we continue our journey in woodworking and woodturning.

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Project Greenhouse Day 3

Plastic sheeting Fitted to the Roof.

After I got the plastic in place I started placing small Facsia boards on it to help retain the plastic.

As you can see I was not on the end of the camera.

Donna decided that I should feature in at least one picture out of the 3 she snapped of me. I thought this one was best. These little boards will help retain the plastic as the plastic would probably tear in a wind with just the staples.

The roof has most of the flashings on now.

I managed to put the plastic on in one sheet to take in both the end and the small front panel. Note the colour of the door to the right ūüėČ

Same picture as above just a little closer.

Nothing really to say about this one.

Both sides all fitted with plastic now.

Door fitted & straps on roof

Well that’s it done, I still need to do some shelving inside and run the hose pipe¬†along the roof (it’s actually electric cable inside it). I’m going to pop along to B&Q tomorrow as they have 8′ deck boards on sale at ¬£2.98 each to make¬†the shelving. I have already put some supports in for the main shelf on the back wall its going to be 18″ deep then there should be room for 3 more at 12″ deep on the back wall above that. I think 9 boards will do the trick.

Here is my workshop.

Anyway all I have really shown you over the past few days is where I have been working on the greenhouse so I popped upstairs so I could get a wider angle on my happy snapper camera.

Quick walk through of¬†what you’re seeing. On the right of the door where the apex roof is,¬†that’s¬†my main working area. It has my lathe, bandsaw and all my other tools. To the left in the pent roofed side¬†I use mainly as a dry store for wood. I hope later in the year to get the kids involved so will clear a space for them to make handmade paper using my fine sawdust. I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible so this will help and will give the kids a little income if they sell their paper.

Well that’s the greenhouse story done for now, I’m pretty sure once¬†I get things growing¬†I will have more to blog about.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip over the past few days.


Just while I am Blogging If you are interested in all things handmade why not pop along to visit wendy @1stuniquegifts and have a read at the handmade Monday bloggers.

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Project Greenhouse Day 2

So we moved onto day 2 on the Green (red) house,

Front Frame and roof.

¬†unfortunately¬†I had to buy timber to use as the frame as¬†I couldn’t source anything decent to use for¬†the frame. I bought 9 fence rails¬†12′ long and a pack of 2″x 1″, some menion plates, hinges, ¬†a draw bolt and some red cedar paint.

The¬†front frame is 6′ x 6′ with a 27″ space for the door. The roof at the back is a little under 7′ high and approximately 4′ deep.

Side frames in place.

It’s a little twisted at the moment so I had to do a few alterations as the ground is uneven and the wall its attached to is definitely not plumb. Donna started painting as we are trying to get it to match in with the workshop.

see its a redhouse.

This is how we left it at the end of the day. It will definitely need another couple of coats of paint before the plastic starts to get fitted but all in all a pretty decent days work.

Greenhouse Door.

¬†I also made the door today but it hasn’t been fitted & painted yet. We are not sure if we want to paint it black to match in the Workshop door when we get round to painting it. What do you think? The fascia boards are black and the workshop window are black so it sort of makes sense.

Different angle.

I know it’s a little higldy¬†pigldy¬†with different size boards on the back wall but we are very much on a budget but having caught the bug of growing our own flowers for the raised beds in the front garden and me dabbling with some veggies in the back garden, we really wanted a more permanent greenhouse. I think we are doing¬†OK so far especially when we live in a mid terraced house, the back garden is approximately 24′ wide by 42′ long.

Well that’s the end of day 2.


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